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How we work

Project approach

Based on our experience with LSP and Statista, we've modified our approaches to accomodate the demands of data-driven business models.

Typical elements of a nxt statista project are:

Phase 1: Sensing

With our colleagues at Statista, we develop a clear-cut, quantitative, and qualitative overview that serves as the project's point of departure by:

  • Analyzing market and competitors in the project partner's core and adjacent business fields
  • Identifying valuable data streams in the target segment
  • Capturing available data, easily accessible data, and difficult-to access-data and their characteristics
  • Outlining the 'virtual twin' that can be created by aggregating and modeling that data and describing its informative value (what, for whom, and for what purpose?)

Phase 2: Thinking

At LSP Digital, we have been strategically and operatively advising our clients for over 15 years about building new digital business models. At nxt statista, we use this knowledge to assist our clients to profit as best as possible from the next wave of digitalization by:

  • Identifying and quantifying business potentials linked to available data (ranging from internal optimization and data brokerage to new products and services)
  • Deriving strategic options that are able to reap this potential
  • Performing gap analyses of available and required competences and success factors
  • Carrying out business partnering and M&A analyses
  • Performing strategic recommendations and planning concrete implementation

Phase 3: Acting

By building Statista, we have demonstrated our ability to create, scale, and successfully manage data-driven business models. For our clients at nxt statista, we now offer these abilities "as-a-service" through:

  • Business implementation with nxt statista as project coordinator and/or general contractor in the "startup-as-a-service" model
  • Business partnering and M&A support
  • Setup of required project organization for our project partner and if needed, transformation support in connecting the project to the core business

The composition of our team reflects the bandwidth of challenges when building a data-driven business: from strategy consulting and management to data science, from marketing to M&A – we can combine the required skill sets with experts from LSP Digital and Statista at any given time.

The Statista effect: for our projects, we clearly have complete access to platform data, proprietary international market models, international market research panels, and many additional tools by Statista. Headquartered in Hamburg, we always keep our eye on the bigger picture for our clients—if needed, we do this in person at Statista offices from New York to Tokyo.

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