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nxt statista combines 15 years of digital strategy consulting experience with dynamic management know-how, attained from developing and scaling a leading global data platform. With the skills of the same team that created and promoted Statista, we are able to transform our customers into winners of the developing data economy.


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The next wave of digitalization

Digitalization is entering a new era. Data is no longer the mere result of value creation, but its origin. We founded nxt statista to establish and develop business models for our customers in this new reality.

01 Data as result
Data as result

Data as result

At the outset, digitalization meant optimizing existing processes, products, and business models with digital tools. Value creation itself was essentially left untouched; data was the result of digitalization. During this phase, digital development and procurement processes, online sales channels, and digital substitutes such as e-books came into being.

Data as competitive factor

Data as competitive factor

During the next phase of digitalization, data increasingly became a space in which business options could be simulated before suggesting and implementing a workable strategy. This applied to creating individual proposals as well as complete business models. Depth, width, and relevance of available data have now become central competitive factors. Digital marketplaces operate in this manner, as do predictive maintenance and personalized content.

Data as raw material and product

Data as raw material and product

Through data-based action, available data space is becoming increasingly abundant and complex. The digital realm progressively resembles the real world. Better, more fine-grained simulations are becoming possible, thus enabling the calculation and initiation of an ever-growing number of business options. In this way, more and more demand has emerged for data in its various stages of refinement: data itself has become a product, serving as raw material and fertile ground for business model expansion. New mobility platforms and real-world-evidence platfoms in medicine are based on this development.


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Our projects

From strategy to startup-as-a-service: a selection from the portfolio of data-driven projects by nxt statista and LSP Digital

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Startup-as-a-service: medical data for real world evidence and new types of analyses

For our client, we executed a medical data startup from concept and strategy to incorporation and launch. Existing medical treatment data was anonymously transmitted and pooled into diagnostically conclusive statistics, thus providing a clear value-add for professional users and foundation for new analysis products. From day one, we successfully fulfilled the highest data protection requirements while maintaining agility.

How we work

From strategic concept to startup-as-a-service: our approach is oriented towards the success factors of data-driven business models.


Market and competitor analysis:
What are potential target segments?

Data evaluation:
Which data can be made available, and what is its intrinsic value?


Strategic perspective:
What business potential can be identified? Which strategies can we derive from it?

Implementation planning:
How can this potential be accomplished?


nxt statista as project coordinator or as general contractor in the startup-as-a-service model, from idea to market-ready product.

Presentation and incorporation

In our projects, the entire range of Statista's services and LSP Digital, our strategy consulting firm, are at our disposal. This runs the gamut from the platform's data pool and proprietary international market models, to data science and research expertise, to top management strategy consulting.

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